Everything your 
child needs Kindergarten
Readiness and Christian Values can be attained within Open Hands Preschool and Open Hands Daycare.
Weekly Reader
The Weekly Reader is our weekly newsletter. It is distributed every Friday morning and is sent by email to anyone in the congregation who requests it. It provides the monthly calendar, prayer list, and any announcements for that week.
Brazil First United Methodist Church is also represented on Facebook. So, if you want to check out some more fun pictures and information click to go there now.

BFUMC Prayer Page 

A place to post prayer requests as well as seeing the requests we may have for prayer.


Crisis Pregnancy Center

To help young people discover their choices on everyday questions.

United Methodist Committee on Relief.
A community organization who’s mission statement is:
To encourage the community to preserve and reinvest in the economic, aesthetic and cultural future of Brazil by promoting viability and vitality of the downtown area.
The Light House Mission in Terre Haute is a missionary that serves God in the way of helping families with no where to go.
Clay County Senior Services supports and values the well-being of our senior adults.
These are boxes being placed in strategic places around the community to help those in need when other avenues are not available.
United Methodist Church
Indiana United Methodist Church
House of Hope is a religious center for misguided, troubled, addicted, and many other problems of society that houses young people and helps them get on the right track through love and belief in God.
This home is located in Lebanon, Indiana. people of our congregation save pennies and periodically send them here.

Our jails and prisons are full of men and women who have made mistakes and have no desire to change.

However, there are a few who have the desire, willingness, and ability to change and not return to a life of destructive habits.

We are here to give them the opportunity, guidance and direction to be able to make the next right choice.

Anyone interested in helping supply flood buckets for flooded areas can select the link above. All the information needed to build and ship these buckets is available. The website is UMCOR.org.
Clay county emergency food pantry does not have a personal website however information concerning the pantry can be found by clicking on the above link.
A community resource to help those who may be facing hard or troubling times.
Select the Link for a list of the names, address, phone numbers, and emails of churches in Clay County.
This company currently works with the West Central Indiana Indiana Development District, Inc. to provide meals for Seniors 60 years and older by way of Meals on Wheels.
Child Appointed Special Advocate
A volunteer program that advocates for children in situations of neglect or abuse when child services have been called to action.
The government agency that partners with Mid-Land Meals to help provide meals for Seniors 60 years and older.